Girl Eating Sushi

A Little Bit About BittyFish

There are two kinds of sushi lovers: those who want it every once in a while on special occasions and those who want it every day.  The team here at BittyFish is squarely in the “every day” camp which is why we created a restaurant to ensure that our guests can experience great sushi and other Japanese cuisine favorites as often as desired without breaking the bank.

When you think about the beauty of kaiten sushi it’s all about having a huge variety of small plates to choose from. These little plates carrying delicately crafted sushi means that you can have a little taste of anything you want.  When dining here you always get to have a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Put it together and you have BittyFish.  We can’t wait to have you give us a try.

Why Kaiten Sushi?

Value and variety.  There are two things that bug us about traditional sit-down sushi restaurants.  The first is that they can be so expensive that it’s easy to leave feeling hungry or with an empty wallet. The second is that it’s hard to indulge on a lot of different flavor profiles because of the portion sizes found in a typical sushi restaurant.

We think Kaiten Sushi is the best way to give our guests a ton of different menu options without needing an entire paycheck to have a great dining experience.

Girl Eating Sushi
Boy Fishing

What About Quality?

We cut zero corners.  People are no longer uneducated about what goes into good sushi and, as consumers ourselves, our ingredients mean everything.  This is why our entire selection of sushi uses only Grade A ingredients from our fish, to our nori, and even down to the vinegar used in our sushi rice.  Plus, by using our custom-made RFID tracking technology no plate of food is ever on the conveyor belt past its prime. Need something custom made or have an allergy we need to know about?  No problem. Our chefs can make what you need.